In Silence...Begin To Feel & Listen To Your Soul - By Lea Chapin ... And ... Souls of Light ... Souls of Love … YOU ARE READY! ... And ... Blessings of Divine Source Energy From Jo Dunning

In Silence...Begin To Feel & Listen To Your Soul - By Lea Chapin

Mary Magdalene's Message 2-5-2018

Greetings, Dear Ones, yes, it is I, Mary Magdalene. I come to you on this most auspicious day to help you to begin to silence yourself, for this is of great importance. It is time to begin to truly listen to the still, quiet voice from within, for this is your compass and this is your guide.

So begin to let go of the distractions around you and to sit in silence, and allow yourself to listen and to begin to feel your soul. During this year of 2018, it is of great importance that you begin to move forward into your soul’s journey. This is a year of completion, and this is a year of accomplishment.

You see, Dearest Ones, the energy that is here upon this planet at this time has accelerated, and all light workers are being catapulted into their rightful places, and into their rightful positions to move forward into their work, and to bring further light and peace and love upon this planet.

And so, today, we ask you to hold the space of love for yourself as you begin to listen and acknowledge the still, quiet voice from within. Begin to listen to your soul and to your soul’s calling.

This is of grave importance, Dearest Ones, that you begin to understand that your soul is always communicating with you, your soul is always trying to get your attention, your soul is always trying to guide you and navigate through your life pathway. However, your personality, and your mental mind, and your distractions upon the Earth plane cause you to become confused, and disoriented, and misaligned with your true soul purpose. And so, please, Dear Ones, take a deep breath, and begin to call in the essence of your soul. Begin to call in the essence of your soul. Take a deep breath, and begin to call in the essence of your soul, and allow the energy of your heart to open, as you begin to feel the soul’s calling, and the soul’s urging as you move forward into this pathway.

And so, Dear Ones, allow yourself to begin to feel this essence and this presence, of the living soul that lives inside of your being. Take another deep breath, and begin to tap into the frequency of the Divine presence of who you are, and into the Divine light of all that you are, and simply begin to breathe and begin to listen.

Listen to the still, quiet voice from within, beginning to listen from your heart, and opening and expanding your heart chakra. Today, Dear Isis comes, and she places a beautiful blue azurite crystal upon your third eye. She now comes to place a droplet of water upon your crown chakra. And she comes and she brings a beautiful rose petal upon your heart, for you to begin to open to the truth of your soul.

And so, allow the blue azurite to awaken your third eye, a droplet of water to open your crown chakra, and a rose petal to open up your heart, so that you may connect to the essence of your soul.

And so, Dearest Children, take a deep breath, and feel this alignment, as she also awakens your throat chakra, and as she sends her energy of strength and power into your throat, into your heart, into your third eye, into your crown chakra, begin to open up these higher centers and channels within you, and simply begin to breathe. Begin to breathe, begin to breathe, begin to breathe, allowing the energy and the essence of your heart to awaken to the truth of who you are. And begin to allow your heart to feel this sense of glory, that you are now aligning to the truth of your soul, to the truth of your essence of why you came to this Earth plane, for, Dearest Ones, you are encouraged now to stand in the light and to hold the energy of peace upon your being.

This is the year, Dearest One, that miracles will happen. Open to this energy and to this frequency and  begin to feel the power of love. Begin to feel the power of love, begin to feel the power of love.

Open your heart to the living truth of the essence of the God essence that lives inside of you. Begin to feel the strength of the living God that lives inside of you.

And so, take another deep breath, Dear Children, and begin to allow yourself to now connect to the silence, the still, quiet voice from within. What are you sensing, what are you feeling? What are you hearing? What are you knowing?

Do not be afraid of your life. Do not be afraid of living and connecting to your soul. You see, Dearest Ones, as you follow your soul pathway and your soul journey, your life will unfold just as you had agreed prior to your incarnation. It is only within your mental mind where you try to control every aspect of your life that you find yourself getting into trouble or being confused, or misdirected.

And so, begin to tap into the Living Light of God that lives inside of your being. And so, Dear Ones, please take this breath, the breath of the elixir of life, begin to breathe fully into your heart chakra.

And feel this energy now awakening within your own physical body, beginning to feel your heart chakra beginning to expand, beginning to feel your diaphragm beginning to open, and simply beginning to breathe. Breathe, breathe, breathe. Breathe in the warmth of the love that the beautiful rose petal is bringing to you, so you may open your connection to your soul.

 Dearest Ones, it is of grave importance to remember that you are the essence of the energy of all that you’ve ever been. Yes, Dearest Ones, you are the essence of all that you’ve ever been with your oversoul. And so, we ask you to call this frequency in, and call in all aspects of your soul. and all of your lifetimes and soul essences, and your Akashic records as well.

What does this mean? It simply means that you are calling in the frequency of all that you have been, and all that you ever shall be, into this moment. Call now and begin to live in your brilliance and your magnificence, and stand in your glory. And do not be afraid to listen, do not be afraid to listen to your soul’s calling. And allow your heart to open to the energy of peace.

And so, Dearest Ones, today is a shift of consciousness. If you are ready, there will be a shift of consciousness within each of you, letting go, of the old energies of limitations that have been held within your mental and emotional bodies, and in your subtle energy field. There will be a clearing and a shifting so that you can now begin to listen and receive the guidance from your soul without the confusion or interference of your mental or emotional mind. Without the influence or interference of your mental chatter and mental conditioning.

And so, you see, Dearest Ones, as you live from your soul essence, and the truth of your being, this will bring you greater happiness and greater joy and contentment and fulfillment. And so, Dearest Ones, begin to listen from the heart, begin to listen from the soul, begin to listen from that still, quiet place from within. Please take the time to stop what you are doing and listen. When you need to have guidance, we ask you to take a deep breath, breathe in to your heart, and listen. What does your heart tell you? What are you feeling as your truth? What do you know as your truth is the answer to your question?

Can you feel the energy and the excitement and the anticipation of what it is like to truly be free from the confines of your Earthly life, the stresses, the strains, and to truly be free? This is an opportunity for you to be free. 

It is where Yeshua and I would go into, when we would go into the Cave of Creation, and we would go into this place of silence and we would listen. And we would receive our direction for what we needed to do for the Great Design, to prepare for Yeshua’s crucifixion and his resurrection.

This was extremely important, that we listen, because Yeshua’s life was on the line. And so we dedicated our lives to the Living God, and to listening to the soul essence, and to the energy of what we now understand, we call the energy of Oneness.

We call this energy into our being, and lived it to the best of our ability, to guide us through our incarnation, and through the most difficult times of our life.

And so, today, Dearest Children, begin to listen from your heart, begin to listen from your soul, begin to listen from that still, quiet voice from within. It is your life, it is your journey, and what you choose to do with the rest of your life, and how you choose to live it, and how you wish to create it, moment by moment by moment by moment, is truly your decision. Today, Dear Isis places a droplet upon your crown chakra, and places the blue azurite upon your third eye, and a rose petal upon your heart. And now touches your throat chakra to awaken you, with beautiful healing hands, so that you may begin to speak the truth and to hear and listen from your heart.

And so, Dearest Children, as you step forward into this energy, I ask that you allow yourself to receive the inner stirrings of your soul essence to come forward. Perhaps what you are being guided to do might not seem congruent to your life pathway, or your life plan. But surrender, and surrender into your heart, until you accept and feel the inner knowing of what your soul is calling you to do.

This is the soul’s journey, you see, Dearest Ones, it is why you came to this Earth plane. It is not a lifetime where you are to be led simply into the material world, but you are living from the soul, and your soul expression is the truth of who you are. 

And so, we say, Dearest Ones, begin to listen to the soul, and the soul will guide you and support you and protect you. There within your mental mind of where you feel that you have to simply figure out what you are going to do today to earn a living, to place a roof over your head, let it go, let it go, let it go.

Instead, listen to the soul’s calling, and you will always be supported. Your soul and your spirit are guiding you, moment by moment by moment into this New Earth. There is a new Earth that is literally being overlaid upon your physical Earth. And many of you are able to access and to step into this new frequency, if you so choose, to live from a higher place of awakening and awareness. And this is our message of the day.

Are you willing to step forward? Are you willing to set yourself free? Are you willing to trust within your soul, and allow your soul to guide you, moment by moment by moment, listening into your heart? Dear Isis is here, Divine Mother is here, Divine Sophia is here. The energy is here to help guide you and awaken you, and I, Mary Magdalene, step forward to bring these teachings onto you, so that you may live in the truth of who you are, and in the power of who you are.

This is a time in history, Dearest Children, because as we have said so many times before, you are able to receive these messages. They are now being allowed to be brought forward to the masses.

And my energy and my essence is here for each of you. Jeshua’s energy and essence is here for you as well. The sacred energy of our Divine Union, for each of you to step forward, into our imprints, to return to balance, to live from the place of the warmth of your own sacred union, is now being gifted to you.

Walk in the balance as a beautiful, Divine being of light. Do not be afraid to set yourself free. Today, Dearest Children, it is about honoring the truth of the living soul inside of you, and know the aspect of the oversoul is calling you now to reunite, to return to a place of peace and comfort and happiness and solitude.

No more struggle no more strife. It is your choice, Dearest Ones, and what you choose to do, what you choose to believe, and what you choose to expect. But we come to you helping you, so that you may step forward and live in freedom. Today is truly a day of great honor and great anticipation. For we are here to help you to listen to the silence, the silence of your soul, preparing yourself to now emerge forward into your self-mastery as ascended beings of light.

So many wish to ascend as they say, but allow yourself to ascend moment by moment by moment, the ascension process is not something that is outside of yourself, the ascension process is not something that alludes you, you are ascending each moment of your life. And you are ascending in consciousness, and returning to listen to the essence of your soul.

And so, Dearest Ones, take this time to listen, be still, be still, be still, and know that you are God. Take time to listen, be still, be still, be still, and know that you are God. Take time to listen, be still, be still, be still, and know that you are God.

And allow your heart to awaken to the Living God that lives inside of your being. So much now is being brought forth to each of you, and as you receive this, we place a shield of protection around you. St. Michael is here to place a blue ray of light around you, so that you are shielded and protected from the outer influences that affect you from listening to the silence of your soul. And so, Dearest Ones, there is a shield of protection around you, so that you may begin to tap in, and have an easier time accessing the information of your soul essence.

The journey of the soul is the living expression of the Living God inside of you, this is the ascension you wish to achieve and accomplish, living in the full essence of your soul, and mastering and becoming a master in your physicality, living in your full expression as a physical being of light.

And so, Dear One, today, in many ways, can be your graduation day, a day of deep, deep, deep celebration. And so, my children, please allow yourself to feel the presence of the love that is being given to you, and the peace that is being offered onto you, and the warmth from the beautiful love of Divine Sophia and Mother Isis, who steps forward today to gift you the awakening, the higher frequencies within your being.

And as you go now, my children, understand that all is in order, and all is as it should be as you begin to listen to the still, quiet voice from within. The beauty of the soul, the beauty of the soul, you are the reflection of the beauty of the soul.

Allow your soul and the light that shines through you to be the light that changes the world. Light, love, peace, and tranquility are your calling cards, as they say, are your signature. So stand in the truth of the frequency that you hold.

Be at peace, be at peace, be at peace, and truly know, Dearest Children, that you are loved, loved beyond measure, and loved beyond comprehension.

Today, you are being gifted so much love. And so, Dearest Children, allow your heart to open to this remembrance of your soul. Remember the essence of your soul, feel it, live it, embody it, and become that living expression of the Living Light of God inside of you.

Today, accept this gift of the soul, place your distractions aside and listen and ask, gently and quietly, what does my soul ask of me? What am I being called to do?

And then, Dearest Children, allow that part of you to move forward in faith and receive the blessings of the soul’s journey as you ascend into consciousness and live from your truth. We thank you, Dearest Ones, and until we speak again, may your heart open to the blessings of this magnificent joy that is being brought to you today. Joy to the world, joy to the world, joy to the world, and especially,  feel this expression of joy within your heart, as you step forward in living from your soul.


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Video: "Aligning With Your Soul's Purpose" By Melanie Beckler

Souls of Light ... Souls of Love … YOU ARE READY!  By Blossom Goodchild

Federation of Light Message on Feb 11th 2018

Blossom: Well, my friends, judging from links sent in about what is ‘going down’ in the USA and arrests that are going to be made etc. … it seems that the energy of urgency that you brought through last week, is indeed necessary. Within me, deep within … is the KNOWING NOW THAT THE GAME IS ON and I am able to understand what you mean by KNOWING OUR LIGHT AND STANDING STRONG WITHIN IT. We are sure going to need it … and this is just the beginning!

Federation of Light (FOL): Souls of Earth … Souls of Light ... Souls of Love … YOU ARE READY!

The Energy that surrounds you … the Energy that you are … is in full throttle, to encounter the bizarre accounts that shall be disclosed to you. We do not wish to repeat that which we gave out in our last communication. However, we DO desire that you GROUND YOURSELVES … for the shocking news in its many varied forms that is to be revealed.

Blossom: May I ask where you come in, within all of this? Other than these messages of assistance. Are you to be actively involved?

FOL: Oh yes, indeed! For that which is to be spoken out, will not only be concerning the control and management from the political aspect, yet, there will undoubtedly be outrageous findings regarding ‘Those from other Planets’ and the contact that has already been underway for a great length of time.

Consider the thought that ‘That who we are’, has just been a mystery for eons of time. Do you think this would be so? Indeed, No. Yet, agreements were made by us and those like us … without the involvement of any discussions from those of your Planet, that we would not conform to the desires and intentions laid down by the ones who ‘rule the roost’ upon Earth. Their intentions have not been fitting for the Greater Good. They have not been fitting for any kind of Good.

This is not to say that we ‘backed off’. We simply have remained ‘in the background watching and observing … every move.'

Blossom: Do you know of all the ‘horrors’ as you put it … that are to be told?

FOL: Yes, we do. And yet, it is not for us to reveal them to you. It is for those upon your Planet to bring these matters forth and for action to be taken accordingly.

As eruptions and disruptions enter full swing … there will come a time when it is necessary and correct for us to make many more OBVIOUS appearances than we are now.

There will be such confusion as to what is taking place on Earth … and so we do not wish to overload that confusion for those who would be blown away by the fact that … we are more of a reality than most things that you think are real!

Blossom: Meaning?

FOL: Meaning that the lies that you have being ‘living under and within’ may appear to you to be real … yet, in fact it is not how it is at all. We choose not to elaborate too deeply on this. We ask you to read between the lines … deep down in your Truth. For as we have said … it is not our position to say certain criteria. This is part of the Plan and we have no reason to change it.

Dearest Souls, what we CAN reveal is that … our service to mankind is to take on a much more significant role whereby, our connections to those of you on Earth who are ready to receive them … will be much more prevalent.

More and more sightings will be encountered. You had readers who asked about the orange Lights seen in the skies on a regular basis. These are friends. Yet, we choose to say these are friends of an ‘Energy form’ as opposed to a physical one.  

Blossom: And their purpose?

FOL: To be noticed. They are not just ‘Balls of Light’ to impress. For they too, carry within them a form of information, along with the Heightened Energy that they are able to emit from Being present.

Blossom: So who controls them?

FOL: Themselves. Dearest Blossom, one does not need a physical body form as you imagine yourselves to be, in order to be of intelligence. These Lights are of their own intelligence and are instructed by/of themselves to enter into the Earth’s atmosphere in certain geographical places and times. They are certainly not random. Each one is prepared and answered for.

Blossom: What kind of information?  You speak of this in regard to ‘Pillars of Light’ also (when they come).

FOL: Information that connects with your Being. Information that you already KNOW. Information you were fully aware of before you entered Earth and are now sitting comfortably, in a position for it to be re-awakened within you, by the Energy these orange Lights, and many other forms, of what you will call ‘phenomena’,  shall bring forth. 

When we speak of ‘Those from other Planets’ entering into your biosphere (?) … we do not mean just little green men ... as some of those asleep would term it. We mean phenomena of all kinds that will astound in a way that settles the soul during the turmoil that is underway.



For as that which one considered to be the back bone of society crumbles away … it allows Freedom to take its place.

And with the greatest of respect, Dearest Soul’s… within the prison you have been masqueraded within … you have no idea what TRUE FREEDOM FEELS LIKE.

Blossom: Interesting. Many souls write in, regarding one thing or another … whatever particular ‘thing’ takes their fancy to look into … and I have no idea what to think about it. I don’t get a feeling one way or another. However ... and  I am sure I have said this before … whatever lies we have been told, whatever the prison we have been held in … and whatever Truths we have been held back from … the ABSOLUTE FACT IS … LOVE … now that I am understanding more and more of it … simply cannot be removed from us. For it is who we are. If the moon is fake … if ALL of this that we live within IS a hologram, for instance … that doesn’t stop me feeling LOVE for ALL that stirs within me when I look at the moon and stars. Fake or not! Whatever is to be discovered/uncovered doesn’t stop me/cannot stop me from BEING/FEELING LOVE.  A lyric from a song keeps running through my head ‘No, no, they can’t take that away from me!’

FOL: Would we say, BRAVO BLOSSOM! For THIS is what we are imparting to you. THIS WHICH IS OF GREAT IMPORTANCE … GREAT VALUE.



In your Beings … ask for strength. Ask for courage. Ask to be shown where to go and what to do.

Ask to be shown how YOU can be of most value in your role down here … and we promise you … we promise you … that the answers will come.

So many oblivious souls shall enter into ‘shock’ and feel the sky is falling! It is then that YOU … each one of you awakened, prepared, souls … shall find them and take them under wing. Comforting and showing the way.

You will FEEL and KNOW connection and communication between other worlds that are drawing ever closer into position in order to assist … in ways that will fill your Being with Love and Hope and Encouragement.

As you break free from the bonds that have ‘ruled your minds’ … spaces will be opened up, in order for such communications to take place with great ease.

No longer shall there be the restrictions surrounding you. Surrounding your Energy barrier.

What do you mean by this ‘Energy barrier?’.

The easiest way to explain is that there has been/is … in place … an Energy field that blocks you from ‘reaching Higher sources’. It comes in many forms. You are aware of fluoride blocking your pineal gland which … when unblocked, shall allow you to encounter other worlds within the very thought of it.

    1. Blossom: How does this get unblocked? And 2. How then, am I unable to communicate with you?

FOL: As the system crumbles … it shall be like the phoenix rising from the fires. As you gain knowledge and strength of self … the ways will be shown to ‘unravel’ the bindings put in place  ‘in order  to keep you at bay’.  Once these ‘restrictions’ are unleashed … this then is when you TRULY FEEL THE KNOWING we have spoken of.

There are Energy blocks in place all around you … blocked to keep you subdued … blocks to keep you subservient … blocks to keep you unhealthily despondent … they come in forms of food, drink, drugs and many more. The chemtrails ‘dropped’ into your atmosphere ‘keep you contained’ … keep you from breaking free … keep you dampened down. All these things are designed to keep you uninterested in life itself!

Blossom:: I have felt that many times!

FOL: And yet, what is it … that brings your interest back, Blossom?

Blossom: Making myself ‘Get back in The Game’. KNOWING that LOVE IS THE WINNER … KNOWING THAT LOVE MAKES ME A HAPPY BUNNY  … when I come from ONLY that place of Love, and don’t allow myself to be swamped by the negative energies that bombard us. Nice to know this is all going to go away … that’s for sure!

FOL: As to you being able to communicate with us … on the level that you do … need we remind you of the 17 or so years that you experienced much discomfort in mind and body in the form of what was termed as ‘fits’?

Blossom:Yes, a reminder is needed. For it seems now, as if they were experienced in another life time by another me!  (They stopped just like that, the day my communication with White Cloud began.)

FOL: The valiant Energy known to all as White Cloud, once explained that these HAD to take place in order for you to bring him through in the way that you do … and also, to be able to bring other Energies through also. Re-arranging of your Energies and some inner physicality’s also were necessary. These adjustments enabled you to ‘reach us’ … without invoking harm to your physical Being in any way.

Blossom: I am sure what actually took place during these ‘fits’ (Conk outs ... as I called them) is far too complicated for me to understand and I don’t really need to know.  Happy to serve. Happy to have gone through it. (I can say that now 18 years have passed … I probably wouldn’t have said that at the time).  If that was needed to allow me to become a messenger in/for Light then it would have been agreed on another level … and more than happy that it happened.

We feel it is time to finish up this session.

Please take in three deep breaths in this moment of NOW.










Batten down the hatches. Yet, look for the sunshine within the raging storm … for it is always with you.

In the deepest Love … we leave you this day …

FEEL IT … KNOW IT … as it is offered to you … in the understanding that BY FEELING AND KNOWING IT … you walk hand in hand boldly into the LIGHT AND LOVE THAT YOU ARE.

Thanks Guys … thanks so much. So good to know … we are not alone!!

Not by a long shot, Dearest Blossom … ever!


Make every day a HAPPY HUMAN DAY!

Please revisit The Invocation 'We are the Game Changers' whenever the mood takes you ... to keep the Energy as HIGH as we can.

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Video: "Natalie Glasson's - Let's Help Bring Peace, Love, Truth, & Unity To All !"

Blessings of Divine Source Energy From Jo Dunning

Jo Dunning blesses us with Divine Source Energies in these three transmission. Enjoy with Infinite Blessings of Love & Light, Steve

In Silence...Begin To Feel & Listen To Your Soul

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