How To Talk To The Interactive Universe w/EASY TO LEARN SONG! VEDIC SCIENCE Quantum Consciousness

Affected CollectivePublished on Sep 23, 2017

On this fair Sept. 23, 2017 I thought it only fittin that I finally make a video with how to talk to the Universal Interactive Consciousness that the VEDIC TEACHINGS of our most ANCIENT & LONGEST STREAM OF KNOWLEDGE has managed to pass down to us even thru these thousands of years!

It is a fun & easy way to FIND THE ANSWERS TO THE UNIVERSE!

We will become the 3 at once:


2. The Process Of KNOWING

3. The KNOWN YET WE STILL WILL BE ONE with the universal all-encompassing consciousness of the ATMAN, whose existence is housing all things. We can never be separate from this consciousness thru which we are all connected, as we are rooted in its infinite unified field from whence all things must spring forth into existence.

THESE ARE NOT "new age" BUT RATHER THE MOST ANCIENT OF TRUTHS, and in this vid I explain thorough how the books of the Vedas have inspired what little we know of quantum physics, but the VEDIC SCIENCE is far more complete in its foundational mapping of how the universe works, and it would be wise to try out the fun & interactive nature of this deep rooted connective consciousness, as it is surely the only proof one needs of INTELLIGENT DESIGN IN NATURE, and this is a way to talk directly to the Creator of such incredible work. Yes, you do know what I mean by that ❤️

HERE'S INSTRUCTIONS ON HOW TO INTERACT WITH THE UNIVERSE: Speak (or sing along) with the helpful little song I wrote that will help you understand how it all works, and simultaneously you'll vocally resonate the true words that match the frequencies of the Knower, knowing, known.... YOU ARE ALL 3 already, and you'll be simultaneously one with the consciousness that we are never separate from, but has been hidden from our Knowing for all of time....

BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL THREE (Knower, knowing, known), this is why you can FEEL that this activity is PERFECTLY SAFE & YOU WILL KNOW THAT THROUGHOUT THE BEAUTIFUL EXPERIENCE. Make sure you "LISTEN" with all your sensory capabilities (including your own thoughts, which usually will happen RIGHT ON TOP OF something you say out loud, usually correcting me as I mistakenly utter something that I thought I knew, BUT AFTER SAYING THE WORDS IN SONG WITH US ALL, YOU ARE THE KNOWER, THE KNOWING & the KNOWN, so anything false that you say like, "It's not working" will be met with a simultaneous KNOWING OF THE TRUTH. It will feel immediately FAMILIAR Because we are within it, as is everything that exists. Have fun! Feel free to ask questions!


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Comment by Linda on September 25, 2017 at 8:31am

Thanks Rose!!!

Comment by rose on September 25, 2017 at 6:04am

Luckily she re-uploaded it with txt - here you go Linda

Comment by Linda on September 25, 2017 at 3:58am

Can you post the words to the song Rose? I can't understand all of the words. I have a hearing disability. Thanks.

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